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Pet Friendly Restaurants in Orlando


We have a Schnoodle rescue called Vimto (don’t ask, just Google) (okay, now you’ve Googled, it still doesn’t explain much so just go with it, but it’s true). And oftentimes, we want to go out with Vimto for dinner. If you’ve got a furry friend you know how frustrating it can be to find good, pet friendly restaurants in Orlando so we went out – with Vimto, of course – to find out once and for all. And so, without any more fanfare, here’s our list of pet friendly places, all signed off on by Vimto the Schnoodle.  

903 Mills Market

First up, we all visited 903 Mills Market in downtown. With lots of water bowls on display, and an outdoor area that Vimto loved. The food was pretty good too; the lox bagel is huge and reasonably priced; the breakfast pizza is good too and, again, huge. Something Vimto definitely enjoyed sharing with us. If you’re there later in the day (or earlier; we’re not judging!), their beer selection is pretty good too. The only issue we had was with parking – it’s not easy so if you can walk or ride there, we recommend it.
pet-friendly-restaurants-orlando 903 Mills Market via yelp

The Stubborn Mule

Vimto woke up the next day to find another culinary treat in store; The Stubborn Mule (who, at least from his name, shares something in common with Vimto). It’s located in the trendy Thornton Park area in the same space Sonoma Kitchen used to be. Let’s start off with the three things that hit us first; the amazing atmosphere, the great food and the bottomless mimosas! Well, Vimto opted for water, but he enjoyed us enjoying the mimosas and that’s all that counts. They have a pretty great dog-friendly patio that Vimto loved exploring. He also made a couple of new friends that day. Check the website for hours but they’re open every day but Monday.
Stubborn Mule via yelp

Marlow’s Tavern

The day wasn’t over for Vimto – far from it – because that evening we checked out Marlow’s Tavern. And not only did it have a dog-friendly patio it even had a doggie menu!! So while Vimto was occupied with that (thank goodness we remember to bring his reading glasses), we found a great beer rotation on hand along with some very fine food indeed. We tried a Bahn Mi Wrap that we just loved, truffle fries that were delicious, and the firecracker shrimp which was yummy.

Vimto agreed – he had a great time at all those restaurants and he really enjoyed his weekend. He wants me to tell you to bring your dogs along so he can meet up with them and share notes.