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Father’s Day In Orlando 2017


Father’s Day is the time to treat Dad to his best day all year – so what’s happening in and around Orlando that you can impress him with? You’ll be happy to know there’s lots of places to get your Father’s Day on and we’ve rounded up a few highlights of what you can expect for Father’s Day in Orlando.

Does Dad like racing? The Father’s Day Adventure Race will take place on Sunday, June 18, 2017 at Little Big Econ State Forest. The race comes with three categories, ranging from Family to Sport to Elite. The Family category includes a one-hour race along with biking, paddling and trekking. The Sport category takes all that and builds on it – so you’ll have a three-hour race. The Elite category has a six-hour race and each of the extras (biking, etc) are extended to two hours each.

On the other end of the spectrum is a strolling tour of one of Orlando’s most beautiful gardens. So for Father’s Day, take Dad over to Leu Gardens. On Father’s Day, Dads get free admission so right off the bat, you’re paying a great price! Nothing! Spend your time walking through the winding pathways – for a total of 50 acres of gorgeous gardens. Plus you can head over to the Leu House itself (a historic building) to take a tour and learn all about the people who used to stay there.

Another great thing to do in Orlando for Father’s Day is taking a trip to the Orange County Regional History Center. This is another free event for Dad on Father’s Day (yay!). Take in their latest exhibit “Finding the Fountain of Youth: Exploring the Myth of Florida’s Magical Waters” – very apt for a Dad wondering where all the years flew to.  The History Center is located in downtown Orlando inside an old courthouse and serves up four floors of exhibits. How far back do they go? 12,000 years at last count so they really cover a LOT! It’s also a Smithsonian affiliate so you know you’re getting the real deal.

There’s so much to do with Dad here in Orlando for Father’s Day – so get out there and make his day!