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The Best Wine Bars in Orlando


Nothing beats a lovely, relaxing night out at a wine bar; sipping the finest grapes with good friends in a casual atmosphere. But where are the best wine bars in Orlando to be found? Have no fear and wonder no more because we went out and did the hard research (Hah! There was nothing hard about it!) to weed out the worst and bring you only the very best.

If you love wine and the relaxing atmosphere to go with it then check out Swirlery Wine Bar. The bartenders are very helpful in terms of finding a good wine for you. Ours even let us try a couple until we decided on one – and the bottle we bought was only $15. They also have great weekly events too (movie nights are Wednesday!) along with organic wines and craft beers. There’s no food on sale here but you’re welcome to bring your own. Bring  a date too as they’ll be pretty impressed with the romantic atmosphere. We loved this place and will be back for more!

Who here’s been to The Imperial Wine Bar & Beer Garden? Call me crazy but whenever I hear the term “Beer Garden” I expect a garden full of trees that have beer cans hanging off the branches. The Imperial doesn’t have any of those but it does have over 45 wines (and 40 beers) to choose from. Oddly, it’s a furniture store by day but tucked away in the back of Washburn Imports is the Imperial – sort of a speak easy/local pub/meeting space rolled into one! There’s something somewhat surreal drinking in a beautiful vintage furnishing store and we’ll definitely be going back for what’s hands down the most unique environment we found!

The Wine Room offers up a different and just as unique experience as you can sample all kinds of wine – over 156 in fact! You can sample them in 1oz, 2.5oz or 5oz pour sizes from a wine-dispensing machine as well as a Flute machine for sampling Champagne. They serve up artisan cheeses and a tapas-style menu and, if you want something other than wine and champers, they have mimosas, ice-cold microbrews or draft beers.

Wherever you choose to go, please remember to drink responsibly.