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The Best Nightclubs In Orlando: Where To Go And How To Get There


We all know how vibrant the nightlife is here in Orlando – it’s one of the reasons we all live here! Orlando nightclubs, lounges, comedy clubs, bars and dives; there’s something for everyone and it’s all happening every night of the week. We decided to go out and sample as much Orlando nightlife as possible and then share with you our favorites (right? Worse job ever!). So before the hangover kicks back in, here are some of our picks for the best nightclubs in Orlando!

The Kush Ultra Lounge is a tres-hip hookah bar that you have to search for to get into. The door is inside Kathmandu, the store downstairs! Once you’re inside the bar, the white leather couches and wildly colored lighting will grab you and not let go. Along with the flavored tobacco there’s beer and wine plus – if you need a break – an oxygen bar too. Whether it’s a DJ or live music, the tunes are great too. It opens at 9pm daily and closes at 3am.

Kush Ultra Lounge via yelp

Let us keep counting the ways we love nightclubs in Orlando! Another bar that’s hidden inside a store is The Imperial at Washburn Imports. So once you’ve finished wandering around a home furnishings store (that’s the Washburn Imports bit), you’ll find nirvana amongst furniture that’s unique, fun, and for sale! They specialize in boutique wines, craft beers and classic cocktails (they’ve got over 40 beers and 45 wines to choose from) but they also have a kitchen serving sliders, cheese boards, tacos and more.
The Imperial via yelp

The Independent Bar, is a nightclub in downtown Orlando, is a multi-leveled nightclub with three bars and two dance floors. The music spans 80’s to indie, and Top 40 to vintage rock but it manages to straddle that sweet spot between dive bar and dance club. We were there on a Wednesday when they were doing their “Mac & Cheese” night and it was brilliant. DJ Mac was spinning an ultra-cheesy set and everyone was on the floor.
The Independent Bar

Finally – What? We had work to do! – there’s the Matador. It’s a much quieter affair than the Independent Bar and their cocktails are off the chart. We loved the ambience; from the velvet upholstery to the vintage furniture, we felt right at home. You can also bring your dog (we wish we’d known that ahead of time!) because they have a dog-friendly patio. best-nightclubds-orlando-the-matador
The Matador via Yelp

So there you have it; we did our homework, stayed out very late at many of our Orlando nightclubs (not all were worthy of listing), and had quite a few drinks just to bring you this list. We hope it was worth it. And we hope to do it again soon!

Did we miss your favorite Orlando Nightclub? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us at @ariaatmillenia!