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The Best Dog Parks In Orlando


When you look into your furry one’s eyes, all you can see is love and the desire to play. How can you resist? YOU CAN’T! So where are the best dog parks to take them? We took our own little guy, Salford (a Yorkshire terrier), out to sample a bunch of them and he had lots to say. So without further ado, we now present the best dog parks in Orlando!

Salford loved Barber Park. Situated at 3701 Gatlin Ave., Barber is open from 8am-8pm during the summer, seven days a week. With 66 acres to run free in, it’s well maintained and has large, gated areas for both large and small breeds. Salford had a great time running and playing and even enjoyed a scenic route we found in the far north side that goes into a small patch of woods overlooking Lake George. There’s also soccer fields, basketball courts, a skate park and lots of paths to walk on, not that Salford can actually play basketball. But he’s learning to skate!

Phillips Community Park, over on 8249 Buenavista Woods Blvd was another super cute park that Salford loved. They don’t have a separate entrance for different sized breeds but they do play in separate areas. There’s also a water fountain in both the small and big dog areas and benches with umbrellas for us dog carers. The park is open seven days a week so check their website for times.

Next up we visited Lake Baldwin Park and we found parking to be a bit of an issue. But having said that, it was more than worth it when we finally got in – in fact, this was the one Salford enjoyed the most. We found a beautiful, shady park that’s over 23 acres big – and one of only two parks in the city that boasts a sandy beach! Salford loved the fact that during park hours (8am-Sunset) he could run around off-leash. One person we chatted with there said “this dog park must be what Heaven is like for them” and we couldn’t agree more. There’s a lake to swim in and huge areas for the dogs to run around in. There are also several dog bathing stations so bring shampoo and a towel. We’ll be going back to Lake Baldwin A LOT.

So there you have it. Salford is currently completely tuckered out after his trips to the parks but we’re fairly sure he’ll be ready to go back again come tomorrow morning. Wherever you choose to go, be careful and watch out for your furry one’s safety – but let them enjoy the warm weather and other dogs.