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Best Coffee In Orlando


Orlando living is so good and it goes down even better with a great cup of coffee. But where can you go for the best coffee in Orlando? We thought you’d never ask!

Let’s start our search for the best darn coffee in Orlando at Downtown Credo Coffee over at 706 W. Smith Street. Credo is a non-profit so already it’s a cut above the others – that means you pay what you can! That doesn’t mean you have to pay less, by the way – if you’re feeling flush, throw them a few more pennies to help them out! They have an amazing selection of very tasty coffees and you can also find a small offering of sandwiches and bowls too. We recommend Credo a lot!

Next up is the wickedly good Sugar Daddy Bakery & Coffee Company in Edgewood. Sugar Daddy brews coffee on the premises all day long so you know it’s fresh! You can also get it all here; the cold brew is double the strength of your average one and you can get them sweetened or unsweetened. If you want, you can buy whole and ground beans here too. Sugar Daddy rocks!  

We also recommend the Achilles Art & Café Coffee Shop.  The coffee here is delicious and you can drink it down while soaking in the artwork. Yes, their walls are covered in paintings and art, all of which is created by local artists, and all of it for sale. Best of all – pretty mind-blowing, actually – is that they don’t even take any commission for it. It’s just a service they offer struggling artists! But even if the art wasn’t there, we’d be going back time and time again for the amazing coffee.

We love, love, love the Foxtail Coffee Company in Winter Park.  Foxtail’s focus is on the seasonally sourced organic Arabica coffee so you’re getting something very unique here. The Coffea plant (home to these Aribica beans) grows in Yemen and Ethiopia means you’re drinking some seriously exotic coffee. We can’t recommend them enough!

If you find any coffee shops that are as good – or better – than the ones we listed, let us know so we can feature them in our next blog! In the meantime, happy drinking!